Dreamy Dollhouses

Dreamy Dollhouses

So Sweet Girl Boutique offers your sweet girl the ultimate escape!  Our Dreamy Dollhouses will offer hours of creative, imaginative and good old fashioned play with the most modern amenities of course!


Our Toys are designed with sweet girls in mind and our dollhouses are just the crème de la crème!  After all, what little girl wouldn't be ecstatic with our Magestic Mansion Dollhouse?!  With 4 floors, an elevator, a staircase and a garage, we're sure we all would love to live there!


Maybe her tastes are a little simpler and she'd prefer our Annabelle Dollhouse with its chandelier and heart shaped latticework.  Or maybe she dreams of the coastal south and our Savannah Dollhouse  that is decorated like a true southern mansion is more fitting.   Maybe she prefers the city life and our Designer Dollhouse is the way to go.  It has a modern curved roof, two spiral staircases and hip artwork throughout this dollhouse


Girls love to dream.  They love to play house.  They dream of growing up and what they'll be and the family they'll have.  So Sweet Girl Boutique believes in creative and imaginative play.  Our dollhouses foster this play.

Please Note:  Products under our Dreamy Dollhouses collection are subject to manufacturer availability. 

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