So Sweet Girl Boutique believes in play.  Allowing children the time to be kids is important and we believe our collection of Toys will foster many hours of creative, imaginative play for girls.


Imaginative play fosters mental growth and our toys are a collection of toys that will spark your sweet girl's imagination and get her creative juices flowing.  Playing with dolls and pretending to play house is not just about play but it's an outlet for children to express their feelings and mimic the behavior of their role models.  Little girls pretend to be mommies, sisters, and friends and in this process grow.  Our dollhouses allow girls to enter the world of a pretend home that they can control.  She'll spend hours arranging furniture and creating scenarios for the pretend family to carry out in their beautiful dollhouse home. 


Dolls and doll furniture allow sweet little girls to be sweet mommies.  Girls delight in replicating the experiences they've had with their dolls and doll furniture.  She'll delight in singing a lullaby and rocking her baby doll to sleep in a personalized doll cradle or feeding her in her high chair


So Sweet Girl Boutique's  play kitchens and toys and playsets offer girls hours of fun playing house, doctor, restaurant, beauty shop  or wherever their imagination takes them.  These play opportunities may lead her to be the next great chef or the doctor who finds a cure to cancer.


Art is a great creative outlet and a wonderful way for girls to express their inner most feelings.  Our art easels will provide hours of creative play painting, drawing, coloring or using a variety of mediums that allow her to express her creativity.  She may prove to be the next Picasso or Monet.