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The Fuchsia Sparkling Tweedy Dress

Fuchsia Sparkling Tweedy Dress from La Dolly Collection, is linded with satin and beautifully adorned with two large gold buttons. 

Handmade in Italy

La Dolly is a luxury collection, handmade in Italy. Real Chanel Tweeds coming from the Linton Tweeds® Mills in the UK are used to create this fabulous, sophisticated and prestigious line for girls. Linton Tweeds® is also the supplier of the house of Chanel, which makes it extra special and exclusive. Linton fabrics from the UK are shipped to Italy, where these exclusive La Dolly garments are sewn.


  • Linton Tweed® 60% viscose, 25% polyester, 15% cotton


  • Dry clean only

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