Cottage Playhouses

So Sweet Girl Boutique adores our D-I-Y Playhouse Kits!  These Cottage Playhouse kits are perfect for DIY handymen and unskilled parents.  Your little girl will love having one of these sweet playhouses in her backyard!


Our Cottage Playhouses come in a kit that is easy for you to assemble.  They're precut, preprimed and ready to assemble.  Your little girl will be so proud to see you build this Cottage Playhouse for her!  You'll definitely be the hero! 


The Cottage Playhouse Kit comes with alphabetized panels that are easy to assemble.  All you have to do is fasten the panels together with screws.  Don't worry, each Cottage Playhouse will arrive with a link to an online manual that will guide you step by step through the process of building her dream Cottage Playhouse in your backyard. 


Our Cottage Playhouses come in multiple sizes and styles.  So whether she prefers a Victorian Playhouse or a Grand Portico Mansion, she is sure to find the playhouse of her dreams.  Each Cottage Playhouse comes with additional options like extra windows, flowerboxes or shutters.  You can add a chimney or a loft to make it just right. 


The Step by Step Instructions make assembling a Cottage Playhouse a breeze.  The only thing you will need for assembly is a drip edge, shingles for the roof and paint all of which can be purchased at your local hardware store.  The drip edge is an aluminum edge that will help ensure that water will not seep under the roof shingles and cause damage to your playhouse


So Sweet Girl Boutique is proud to offer these hand crafted Cottage Playhouses that are built in Amish Country.  You take the pieces and put them together in your backyard and watch your sweet girl's imagination take over!


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