Personalization Guide

Font Choices 



  • The limit for each personalization is 12 characters
  • When personalizing an item, please enter the name exactly as you want it to appear (i.e. EMMA or Emma)
  • Traditional monogramming format is the initials of first/last/middle name, with the center initial being slightly larger than the other two. For example; Andrew Matthew Smith would be monogrammed ASM
  • We suggest the best thread colors for each item in the product description, but still make all colors available in the option. Should you choose a color to your own liking, please know that we are not responsible if you are not happy with the result
  • If you add-on diaper cover personalization upon purchasing a dress, we will follow the same thread color chosen for the dress. An exception is made to sash dresses, where you are free to choose a different thread color.