Pettiskirt Care


How to care for your pettiskirt?

We recommend handwashing your pettiskirt in cold water. Hang drying is the best method of keeping your girl's skirt in great condition. If your pettirskirt gets wrinkled you can shake it out and let it hang dry. You can also spot clean it with cold water. Your sweet girl should get many wears out of her pettiskirt before it needs to be cleaned. 


Storing your pettiskirt can be challenging. Pettiskirts are so full and fluffy and not only take up a lot of room in the closet, but they are made of delicate fabric and can get snagged by other clothes items or the hanger itself. We recommend placing it in a satin or cotton bag (a couple of other ideas would be to place the pettiskirt in a cotton pillow case or a storage bag - like the ones used to store a sleeping bag). These methods of storage will help to protect your pettiskirt from snags or tears.


If your pettiskirt has satin fabric along the waistline and a satin bow. For wrinkles, PLEASE ONLY IRON ON THE LOWEST POSSIBLE SETTING. DO NOT touch the chiffon with the hot iron, this WILL melt the chiffon.