Hair Clip Guide

No matter what length your sweet girl's hair is, you can find an accessory to compliment her outfit, or use it to declare her sense of style.

The following clips are our most commonly used hair clips. 

Alligator Clip

Alligator Clips

Alligator clips are a pinch clip.  The clips open up at one end with a spring that resembles an alligator's jaws for quick placement in the hair. Best for little ladies who don't have a full head of hair yet. Who said bitty babies can't accessorize!




The barrette clip is made of two concave pieces of metal and it has a push lever mechanism. This barrette clip is very good at holding in different amounts of hair.  Best for little girls with thicker hair, curly hair, or for fastening the bow over her ponytail or pigtails.


Snap Clip

Snap Clips

Snap clips are easy to use. Made of metal and shaped like a "V." The upper piece is sturdier than the lower part, which is more flexible, and together they act as a spring lock.