Girl's Luxury Bedding

So Sweet Girl Boutique is excited to offer Glenna Jean Girl's Crib Bedding to sweet baby girls and their moms. There's little that is as exciting as planning and decorating a nursery and this crib bedding is sure to please! When the nesting urge kicks in and you begin decorating your baby girl's nursery, you'll want to explore the Glenna Jean Crib Bedding collection. 


Our Glenna Jean Girl's Crib Bedding collection features crib bedding ensembles by designer, Glenna Jean. Glenna Jean has designed crib bedding for nurseries for over 30 years and has won awards for it.  This quality crib bedding has been featured in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine's Buyer's Guide.  Glenna Jean’s skilled craftsmen use only the highest quality fabrics and workmanship. Combined with luxurious designs, this bedding can be handed down from  generation to generation.


All of our crib bedding sets come with coordinating décor pieces to finish out the nursery like décor, coordinates, curtains, drapes and lighting.  


Safety Tip: Pillows, plush animals and quilts are to be considered decorative only and should always be removed from the crib during sleep time and naptime.



Made in the USA